services for law firms


Lawyer Support

Attorneys outsource research and information gathering to private investigators, allowing them to focus and properly prepare for their court date. Our professionally handled investigations supplement attorney’s legal work, ultimately creating a stronger case and providing attorneys the help they need. Strategic Investigations & Security is licensed and insured so all evidence gathered can be used in court or mediation. 

Skiptrace , Witness Locate and Beneficiary Locate

 Let us locate that key witness that cannot be located or defendant that is nowhere to be found and you need served. Strategic Services identifies and locates missing or unknown heirs when dispersing an estate. We provide nationwide relationship verification with locating beneficiaries or any person you need located. 

Background Check

 A thorough and accurate comprehensive background check can reveal vital information on clients or defendants in local, state or federal criminal cases. Criminal records, employment history and license verification are some of the information that can be revealed in comprehensive background check.


Family Law

 Collection of evidence, background checks and surveillance may provide the admissible evidence necessary to tilt a child custody, child support or alimony case in your favor. If you suspect your clients child’s parent is an unfit parent or you suspect them of not claiming wages to pay less in child support or alimony, allows us to gather the information necessary to prove your claims. 

Insurance Fraud

When it comes to fraud investigations we provide the necessary resources to meet your clients and their insured needs. Providing our clients with recorded subject and witness statements, report retrieval, accident scene investigation, video retrieval and subject field surveillance. We are here to provide our clients with full and comprehensive investigations.